Unforgettable 14 hours in Jaipur – The pink city

Unforgettable 14 hours in Jaipur – The pink city

The Interesting Story of how I landed up in Jaipur!

February 26th, 2018 it was an enthusiastic day as I was leaving for Delhi to receive my childhood friend. He was coming from Hyderabad for a trip to Manali. I thought of receiving him as we decided to explore Delhi for a day and then come together to Punjab and leave for Manali.

on the morning of 27th Feb, I reached Delhi and was waiting for his arrival at New Delhi railway station. After waiting for nearly half an hour the train arrived and there he was Arun. we both shared a warm hug and started walking towards the exit door meanwhile he talked about how his journey was miserable as he forgets to carry his earphones. we talked about our excitement for the Upcoming Manali trip and while talking we reached out.

Delhi to Jaipur

The unplanned Jaipur Trip

As we decided to explore Delhi for the day and leave at night, we went to one of my friend’s flat who was working there and trust me until then we had no plan of going to Jaipur. But we had eventually landed up in the Jaipur the next morning.

what happened was on the way to my friends flat from the railway station we saw a board of Delhi to Jaipur (280 km) and immediately both of us made up our mind to visit Jaipur and then leave for Punjab.

so, once we reached the friend’s flat we made a late-night booking(roadways) at around 10:00 PM for Jaipur  from the redbus app and our friend suggested the ONN-bikes( online bike rental platform) which could be the cheapest way to travel around Jaipur so we booked the scooty for 9 hours which cost as only INR 159.

After exploring Delhi it was finally the time to leave for Jaipur and we reached our boarding point (Kashmiri gate bus stand)and there comes the twist in the story.

The bus we booked did not come at the boarding point and it shattered our mood. But there was no stepping back now as we made up our mind that no matter what happens we are leaving for Jaipur tonight, so without wasting time we inquired about the other buses for Jaipur and we got one and our unplanned trip has begun.

Next 14 hours in the Jaipur

28th Feb morning– At 5:30  we reached Jaipur and we only had almost 14 hours as we already booked tickets to Jalandhar at 9 pm.


1 hour we rambled around to explore Jaipur locals and to find a hotel who could provide us room for 2 hours so that we can freshen up and relax for a while to start our journey.

At 7 o clock, we finally found the room in the hotel at just RS.200 for 2 hours.

Took some rest got fresh and checked out from the hotel at 9 am. To start our Journey we went to pick up our rental bike which we booked from ONN bikes.

After picking up the bike we decided to cover only famous tourist places In Jaipur and began our trip.

Hawa mahal

The first place we visited was Hawamhal “The palace of winds “. Made with the red and pink sandstone, its beauty was astonishing.

Albert hall museum

Albert hall museum’s architectural beauty was eye-catching. The Museum provides a collection of handicrafts, ancient artwork, and other masterpieces.

Amer fort/Amber palace

Amber palace was exceptionally beautiful. It relived the cultural architecture of ancient Rajasthan. we walked the uphill and explored the palace.

Nahargarh fort

The bike ride to Nahargarh fort was something we will cherish life long. The ride to the fort was so risky and full of excitement. The route was hilly and Zigzag and as we go uphill the roads get inclined.

The Nahargarh Fort is at a height where you can probably see the Jaipur city at a glance. It almost Evening when we reached there.

At Nahargarh Fort, we found a restaurant called ‘Padao’. It was an open-end restaurant to chill out. we relaxed and stayed there for a while. It was breathtaking to watch the sparkling Jaipur city from the top. The city seems so calm and peaceful. The cafe is among Jaipur’s best places.

And then comes the moment which every traveler hates leaving the Place and Going back. With a heavy heart but with really memorable moments we drove back to the city. Dropped our rental bike to the location. Booked a cab to the bus stand and our Unplanned and amazing trip came to an end.


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