10 Days trip to Sikkim and Darjeeling – Northeast India

10 Days trip to Sikkim and Darjeeling – Northeast India

I visited Sikkim in November. For the first 6 days completely travelled Sikkim and the last 3 days were spend in Darjeeling. The trip Costed us Rs. 35,000 per 3 pax excluding flight prices. we travelled from Hyderabad and I will be sharing inputs based on my experience.

Booked my flight tickets before 3 months ( Hyderabad to Siliguri via Guhawati) fare was Rs. 3000. It took 4 hours to reach Siliguri with 1 hour of layover in Guhawati(Assam). The return flight fare also was the same.

Day 1 – Siliguri To Gangtok(Sikkim capital)

Reached Siliguri and booked our entire package there at the taxi stand(Siliguri taxi stand ). he offered the package price at Rs. 45,000 for 3 people but we convinced him at Rs. 35,000 which included Stay and sightseeing for all 10 days and food only for 3 days.so after the booking was done we left for Gangtok till evening we reached Gangtok it was a 4-hour journey from Siliguri. Explored the local market of Gangtok the MG Marg.

Gangtok(mg marg )
MG Marg Gangtok

Day 2 – Gangtok to Lachung(North Sikkim)

Early morning at 8 ‘o’clock left for Lachung it took a long time to reach Lachung but enjoyed the sightseeing and road trip during the Journey. Reached Lachung at night had dinner and travelled to local places and went to the hotel.

Day 3 – Exploring Lachung

7:00 am left for Yumtang valley and explored other valleys and rivers near Yumthang valley and then went for zero-point, came back to Lachung and left for Lachen reached there at night.

sikkim zero point
Zero- Point                          

Day 4 – Lachen

Morning 4 left for Gurudongmar lake from Lachen (the distance is 66 km ). The road to Gurudongmar lake was surreal it made us feel like we were at any adventure on another planet. It took a complete day at Gurudongmarg lake came back to Lachen at night.

Day 5 – Gangtok to Nathula pass best road trip

went to Nathula pass (India-china border ) this route is among the best road trip in India. visited Baba Harbhajan Singh Mandir and nearby places.

sikkim nathula pass
Nathula pass

Day 6 – Pelling (West Sikkim)

From Gangtok left for Pelling (West Sikkim) covered all the famous places in Pelling and had a stay for one day. The skywalk to the Chenrezig statue was the best experience.

Day 7 – Pelling to Darjeeling

on the day seventh left for Darjeeling reached there in the afternoon checked in the hotel and took some rest and went for a movie and explored local places.

Darjeeling view
     Darjeeling Evening view

Day 8 -Exploring Darjeeling

went for tiger hills and nearby places.

darjeeling tiger hills
                            Tiger hills

Day – 9 Last day in Darjeeling

Travelled to other famous places in Darjeeling and left for Siliguri.

darjeeling tourist place
                     Japanese Monastery

Day 10 – Journey towards home.

Took a flight from Siliguri reached Hyderabad.


The people of Sikkim were really good and welcoming there are no fraudulent activities on tourists. The travel agents can be trusted.

For all these 10 days to reach different location they were different taxi drivers but they assisted as really good and guided us. They would pick up us from the hotel and leave at the hotel and the schedule for the next day was told by the hotel manager.

The best time to visit Sikkim is from November to December In winter and March to May during the spring season.

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